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Pinks Nail Spa – Where Nail Beauty Flourishes!

Pinks Nail Spa – Where Nail Beauty Flourishes!

Pink means love, sweetness, and femininity. And by naming our store Pink, Pinks Nail Spa 90006 aims to bring all those values onto each nail set of all clients we serve. We want to be a place for the locals in Los Angeles, CA 90006 to wind down and let their beauty thrive.

Excellent workmanship. We take pride in our tech crew with talented individuals who are not only skilled but also dedicated. They love nail art with a passion, always stay updated on the latest trends, constantly sharpen themselves, and try their best to make their clients happy.

Exquisite collection. Besides hundreds of regularly-updated nail colors from regular polishes to gels, our trump card is a wide range of intricate nail designs of various styles, guaranteed to suit the taste of clients from both ends of the spectrum.

Relaxing ambiance. Bright, tidy, and well-decorated with artistic paintings and cushy green leather Pedi chairs, we offer a soothing atmosphere where you can not only get a spectacular nail set but also have your hands, feet, and mind pampered to the fullest.

Visit us today at 2273 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006. Served with all the best, only at Pinks Nail Spa.


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A manicure is a beauty treatment of the hands. Your nails will be cut, filed, and shaped, finally polished with the color of your choice…

Trimming, skin softening, callus remover, masked with collagen, finally polished with the color of your choice…

Your nails are important, let us take care of them with spa treatments and special care products …


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Customer Reviews


I am one happy camper! This salon has a new technique called gel-x and it’s amazing! The gel color goes on very smooth. The price was great and when you pay you get a stamp on the business card so that after you fill it up, you get a discount. I haven’t been to another nail salon where they do that. I will be filling that card up : )
______  Mayra Santos ______


I just got my nails done this is my second time going there I got my Nails done by Jessica. I LOVE how my nails came out! Such a great nail artist! I 100% recommend this nail salon❤️
______  Eimmy Sannchez ______


Excellent work but a little pricey and time consuming for my taste. I will for sure keep them in mind the next time I have a special occasion though!
______  Karyn Kozak ______